Coming Together

If there is one meal that I go all out on and know
we’ll have the whole family there to sit down
together – it is our Sunday Dinner.

Years ago, I became familiar with a more
formal, family get-together dinner
from my aunt’s house.

I grew up in the Southwest and our
family gatherings were more relaxed.
Also, we did not regularly attend church.

But, when my dad retired and we moved
East, I became familiar with what I attribute
to be a Southern tradition.
Sunday Dinner.

My Aunt and Uncle were dedicated church members.
So, Sundays were a very busy day. My Aunt would
prepare a full meal on Saturdays – keeping it warm
all through the morning church service.

It reminded me of Norman Rockwell paintings.
So, now that church attendance is a normal
part of our weekly routine – making Sunday Dinnner
has become a normal part of my weekend routine.
Sometimes I accomplish this on Saturdays
more often than not, I rise early and prepare the
bulk of the meal leaving a few things to be done
after church.

Sunday Dinner usually consists of
a meat, a starch and a couple of vegetables.Oh, and for
my Dearest – bread.
I will fix a dessert on most occasions – but not always.

This is my favorite way to roast a chicken.
In a cast iron pot I place a whole chicken
that I season with Herbs de Provence.
I quarter an onion, leaving the brown skin
and stuff with the herbs.
I also slice some of the onion to rest on the
skin. Sometimes I add white wine or
chicken broth.
The onion skins give the juices a lovely
amber color that lends itself well to sauces
and gravy.
With the roasted chicken I added mashed potatoes,
sauteed cabbage, corn and biscuits.
I made Creme' Caramel, which my husband
and daughter were not too fond of. I loved its
satiny smooth texture - the perfect ending
to a convivial meal.

It is a wonderful thing to sit down to a family meal.
To enjoy good food and good company –
I think a lot of our best memories will be
from the conversations and the laughter
around the family’s Sunday Dinner.