Christmas Party Fare

Each year, my husband and I host a Christmas Party for
family, neighbors, friends and Church members.
My tasks are to decorate the house and to prepare the
party fare. 

My husband is in charge of the entertaining.
He does such a superb job of it too! He provides games and music.
This year he created a ‘Bingo’ game where the guests where to
ask each other questions about themselves and the holiday.
If they were able to fulfill one of the questions in the square they
would put that person’s name in that spot. 

The house was full of delighted voices and laughter. 
The other two games we play are an ornament exchange .
Each guest brings a wrapped ornament. 
The guests draw a  number  and when their number is called
chooses a packaged ornament from under the tree.

The twist is if someone likes your ornament they can ‘steal’ it and
you then have to go and to choose another ornament. This
can become quite fun and raucous! Some ornaments become
popular by their beauty or by their quirkiness! 
The third game is a left-right game where  we distribute 10 to 12 gifts
and my husband reads a revised ‘Night Before Christmas’.

Each time the word left or right is said the guests pass along
the gifts until at the end the ones left  holding the gift wins their prizes.
After  all that, my husband sings then  reads Luke chapter 2.
In all the fun and merriment, we wish to share with all
our faith in Jesus Christ and our joy in His coming.

He truly is the greatest gift to all mankind.

 The Menu

Cheese Cubes and Ham
Baked Brie and C rackers
Chips and Dip
Caramel Fudge
Chocolate Fudge
Cherry and Pistachio Bark
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Bavarian Cookies

I would like to thank Jacqueline at Purple Chocolat  for sharing her recipe
for the most delicious Baked Brie! Wish I had a photo of mine -
my guests began partaking of it as soon as it came from the oven!
My husband gave it rave reviews! You can see a beautiful 
version of it at Purple Chocolat.


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