Pink Lemonade
Painted Cookies

My niece and nephew are visiting this week
and I thought we’d have a bit of fun for lunch today.

Before I began blogging, I would frequently visit one of my favorite cooking blogs, Once Upon a Plate .

Mari certainly has a flair for cooking, tablescaping and presentation!

I had used her cookie recipe and followed her guidelines before for Painted Cookies and will do so this time.

The table is set with a tablecloth I found at a Thrift Store – it is called Garden Silhouette Pink by Home
Accents for Macys!
I feel in love with the soft colors and the image on the package illustrating an outdoor setting with lemonade.
I found these napkins as well and had the makings

for a lovely, whimsical and fun table setting.

These plates, Pitcher, goblets, sherbet bowls
and bowls caught my eye as I walked up to a garage sale. 

They were a great deal and to my surprise, I found they were all plastic! How pretty and how fun!

This knife is from Martha Stewart. I love the bee at the hilt. It looks like it should be able to close up like a pocket knife.

My daughter, niece, nephew and I had fun making these cookies. My daughter and I had made them before, but this was a new experience for my niece and nephew! 

I loved seeing their creative minds work!

It was a little difficult for my nephew to wait to
eat the cookies; to allow me cook the cookies, ice the cookies, for them to decorate and for me to set the table before he could eat one. We laughed because we weren’t really sure if he’d end up liking them.

Well, he did!
The bees were the first to go!