Laura Calder
Beef Bourguignon
I was watching TV  – infrequent habit of late – while folding laundry – multi-tasking.
When, there she was!
Laura Calder!
I couldn’t believe it! I love French cooking,
have her books – and there she was
in my living room.
Not just cooking – cooking Beef Bourguignon!
She called it a confidence builder.
I was intrigued.
So, the following shopping day, I gathered
the ingredients and made my plans.
the ingredients
And I did it!
browned beef removed from pot
browned onions and carrots
add flour
cook flour, onions and carrots together
add wine
add broth and beef place in oven to cook two hours.
Meanwhile, cook garnish as instructed. I was unable to photograph
that stage - in a hurry to finish! 
The end results
you can see the beautiful garnish of bacon, onions and mushrooms
I served this with mashed potatoes,
corn, green beans and biscuits.
We had an unexpected guest for dinner that night,
and let me tell you, he and my husband
were sopping up their plates with their bread.
Dearest said it was “sopping good”.
Good enough for me!
This recipe is in her book,
‘French Taste’
I discovered that it is getting rare on Amazon-
they need to restock!
Not only does she provide great recipes – but, also
great advice about
How to Eat
How to Shop
How to Cook
How to Feed