Georgia’s Peaches are in season. And boy, are they good this year. There are several Peach farms in Central Georgia, providing great opportunity for fresh fruit.
I asked my family what they wanted…peach ice cream, peach cobbler...
That’s where my husband stopped me – he wanted some Peach Cobbler.
First I needed to blanch the peaches.
Which is essentially placing the peaches
in rapidly boiling water for five minutes.
Cool the peaches and peel off the skin.
I love the rosey-peachy-pink color
of the peach’s flesh after peeling.
Slice the peaches filling the baking dish 
Sliced peaches topped with crumble 
topping placed in the oven.
Golden brown peach cobbler
So, Of course, we had peach cobbler that night.
We have also eaten them as snacks or with lunch; 
have served them with homemade  whipped cream for dessert.
 I plan to make peach ice cream and freeze the remaining peaches.