The generosity of our neighbors has added to our Sunday meal.
Our neighbor stopped by with goodies. Fresh eggs and freshly picked green beans, squash and potatoes.
I had already planned to use a roast my husband grilled for our Sunday dinner and was thrilled to add these fresh veggies as sides.
For breakfast, I made Blueberry French Toast. I had found the Sarah Lee Blueberry crumble bread and thought it would make great French toast. 
fresh organic eggs given to me by my neighbor 
combine eggs and milk
add cinnamon, sugar and vanilla
coat blueberry bread with milk/egg batter and fry in melted butter
they were beginning to disappear before I could take a picture!
Oh, boy did it!!!
As they were cooking the blueberry fragrance came through and they had a wonderful
For lunch I sautéed the squash, sautéed the green beans and roasted the potatoes.
blanced green beans
The only thing left to make is the bread. My husband thinks a meal isn’t complete without some type of bread. Is that a southern boy thing?
garlic-cheddar drop biscuits
recipe will follow in another post
I really had to work fast - they were very hungry after church today!
one more daughter said would make the dinner complete...
On Friday, my darling daughter heard that my husband had a tough week. She then baked this delectable cake using a recipe from Chocolate from The Cake mix Doctor’s cookbook . We have always had success with her recipes!
the perfect chocolate cake with the perfect chocolate frosting
As you can tell, he was well comforted.